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referencesKevin Peeters (22 year, pro-cyclist to Landbouwkrediet-Colnago)
“It is great and useful that Powertec analyses your training immediately. You just upload the data of your SRM or heart rate monitor and a quarter of an hour later, the complete ana-lysis is available online. Thanks to the analysis of Powertec, you learn to understand your own body. Everything can be follo-wed up very detailed. In my case, Tom is doing this for me. He takes a look at the analyzed trainings and then works out and optimal training scheme. I am very satisfied with the sys-tem and will certainly continue to use it in my further career.”

Bart Wellens (31 year, pro-cyclist to Fidea Cycling team)
“For many years, I had an srm system on my bike, but I have never done something with the data. Now with Powertec, really everything is analyzed. In this way, my training sessions become much more interesting. I learn a lot of it.”

Bart Dockx (28 year, procyclist to Silence-Lotto)
“I am a very satisfied user of Powertec. The system is very user-friendly. It is easy to send your data and the processing goes really fast. The analyses are easy to understand. By means of coloured graphs, you know immediately if you trained well. The PSS values give a clear view of your physical condition.”

Davy Commeyne (29 year, procyclist to Palmans-Cras)
“Powertec is mentally very important for me because it is an excellent tool to monitor your physical condition. The system confirms the feeling that I have during a training session or a race. It is important to know you’re doing well. The link with power is a great idea. Power is related to your health, condition and freshness and forms a good indicator. Next to your blood values, you can also show your power measurements to the team. Like this, they have an idea of your training labour.”   

Stijn Steels (20 year, U23 to Rock Werchter-Chocolade Jacques)
“Powertec helps me to understand what and how I have trained. I am especially interested in the PSS values and coloured graphs. Because of the PSS values, I know my physical shape on a daily basis and it confirms my feeling on training. By means of the coloured graphs and weighted duration, I can see the intensity of my training session. Because of my studies at the University of Ghent, I cannot do the very long trainings like other cyclists do. Therefore, I try to train more intensive. Thanks to Powertec I know if I was training sufficient or even too much. The system became an addiction for me.”

Steven Van der Aerschot (year, U23 to PWS-Eijssen)
“I like to know how my physical shape is. A good feeling is immediately confirmed, which stimulates to keep on working. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can compare data of different periods. This helps to monitor your progression and to train more efficient.”

Tom Secretin (18 year, junior to K.Z.L.W.C. Heylen St-Truiden)
“I use Powertec since 2 years. Now I am able to control and organize my trainings and to get the best out of me. First I had to adapt to the system and the new way of training. But now I clearly make progression.”