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The old saying ‘measuring is knowing’ is the “raison d’être” of an analysis software such as Powertec. It is not a miracle drug that improves cyclists  performance in a couple of months. By rationalizing training efforts, the advantageous effects of Powertec begin to appear after 6 months and completely after 12 months. Good physical condition is a ‘conditio sine qua non’ for good performances. But race results are influenced by many other factors than physical condition: the weather, tactics of the team and the opponents, the quality of the equipment, the mental strength of a rider and…last but not least… luck.

Compared to the already existing traditional physical tests, Powertec offers some important advantages:

  • The calculation of the power limit Power at Steady State (PSS); this is the maximum power that a cyclist could develop during 5 minutes.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly tool that can be used on a daily basis without any further medical assistance (unlike lactate tests).
  • The results are independent from the type of effort. Training sessions on the road, rollers, behind dernies as well as races can be analyzed.
  • Powertec measures the power limit with time intervals of 30 minutes (for sessions of less than 4 hours) and time intervals of 1 hour (for sessions of more than 4 hours). A linear trend line of the power limit PSS is shown, averaged over the whole session.
  • The system can provide an overview of a week, month or year. This offers the possibility to compare results from different periods.
  • By means of the evolution of the PSS values with respect to the performed training intensity (Wdur = weighted duration), the optimal training volume can be calculated. In other words, how much can or must a cyclist train and with which intensity to improve or keep his physical condition? After a period of illness or injuries, Powertec makes it possible to estimate the loss of condition and to postulate a realistic revalidation.
  • What happens if you carry out certain changes, e.g. other training schemes, adaptation of the position on the bike, etc. Thanks to Powertec, the effect of the changes on the power can be seen (positive or negative).

On short term as well as on midterm, Powertec allows us to draw some important conclusions.

On short term, you can estimate by means of Powertec:

  • How hard a cyclist was training;
  • What qualities the rider possesses (his potential);
  • What is the speciality of the rider (sprinter, climber, etc.)

On midterm, you can use Powertec for:

  • Adjusting training schemes in a positive way;
  • Analyzing the physical condition of a rider;
  • Determining if a rider is not feeling well or is not performing well. Because of Powertec, it can be estimated if this is due to a physical problem or due to other factors.

These aspects can only be deduced after 1 year because sufficient data must be available to make the necessary comparisons. After 6 months, first indications can be seen. After 1 year, the short term and midterm are approached in a different way because then you have at your disposal reference values for a whole year. In other words, you know the base and top condition. In this way, you can see perfectly after the winter, illness or an injury what is the physical level of the rider.